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Christmas Time's a Comin'

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like......Could it Be?  Christmas?

As you can imagine, this time of year is SO BUSY!  I've enjoyed the beautiful Fall weather....the colorful leaves...the smell of wood fires.  It seems the last quarter of the year, I think of my dad so much.  He was such a good planner...he worked very hard so his little family could have food on the table inside a warm house in the Fall and Winter months.  So when I see signs for fresh cabbage, apples, collard greens and such I always think of  Daddy, who would be feverishly at work trying to gather food, rake leaves and mend our house to keep us safe, warm & fed during the cold months that he knew were coming.  I am grateful to have had a dad like that, who always looked ahead for my best interest.  It seems the world doesn't "grow' them like that much anymore.  So if you were lucky enough to have been raised by good, hard working folks, you are indeed blessed. 

Primitive Souls is doing pretty well....folks are beginning to find me....way out here in Gold Hill, NC!  Also making some new friends that wander into this charming little village....so overall I'm pretty happy!  The Village of Gold Hill has several annual events that have grown into quite a "to-do"!  Their annual,  Lighting of the Fall Fires,  is a tradition that began 12 years ago to honor a local man who did a remarkable amount of work helping to restore the old buildings in and around Gold Hill. It began with a few friends and neighbors who had one bonfire and shared some food.  Last year there were around 550  folks who attended this annual (pre-ticketed) event!  And the bonfires have grown to 3 huge ones that the local fire department has to supervise! It's an old fashioned evening of entertainment, food, fun and of course shopping to kick off the holiday season!   

The annual Christmas in the Village is another event that allows you to visit Gold Hill and experience an old fashioned, country Christmas atmosphere.  Also this year is our 2nd Homes Tour....last year it was so well received and enjoyed that we're doing it again....there will be some new homes on this year's tour!

So....as you can "read".....I'll be very busy the next few weeks trying to prepare the store and help with the Village to welcome our Christmas visitors!