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                                                             Merry Christmas!

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of lost in this world of political correctness and liberalism.  I sure miss the days of my youth...not because I'd like to run back the numbers, be 20 pounds lighter or erase some lines and wrinkles....but to live again in a world where there were manners, thankfulness, parents and grandparents who cared to raise the children with discipline and respect.  Where there were rules and limits, expectations from each of us to be on our best behavior....to have kindness and caring for your family, friends and neighbors. 

In the 60's when I started school, there were kids who celebrated a different kind of holiday, other than a traditional Christian Christmas. However, nothing was ever made of it...no attention drawn to it. If the school was having an event, play or musical and they didn't want to participate, they just didn't.  No one ever said anything negative, I guess it was just understood that they didn't celebrate that way and it was alright.  Maybe that's what is missing today....understanding and acceptance to be who you are....without any finger pointing and ugliness.  Oh how I long for that kind of world again....I guess I'm just getting old.  I do have hope though.  Hope in the One whose birth we celebrate at this time of year....Jesus! 

Wishing each one of you a very Merry Christmas filled with Hope and Miraculous Expectations in the New Year! 

Norma at Primitive Souls