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Primitive Souls Wishes You All the Best in 2014!!

Happy New Year to all you Primitive Souls!  Yes, I know it’s a little past the first of the month, but it’s never too late to wish you all wonderful blessings in 2014!

Another Christmas has come and gone…all the lights and decorations are put away for another year (hopefully)….and I don’t know about you….but I’m ready to get on with a new “chapter” in life….the 2014 chapter!  I pray that it will be fun and exciting, rewarding and satisfying….and with the good Lord’s help, I’m sure it will be.

We’ve been working on new items to offer at The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC….if you think of things you’d like to see specifically, please, let me know!

I’ve added some photos of farm mules to this blog edition.  I LOVE mules…maybe because they remind me of myself....stubborn!  They remind me of my childhood…I always got to ride on the mule as it pulled the plows or tobacco sleds in the red clay fields of North Carolina.  I remember hearing my dad or my dear Aunt Trudy, who for all purposes should have been a man….she sure worked like one….“driving”  and calling to the mules….Gee…Haw….Come up….it seems one was named  Jude….all that seems like a dream to me now….but a warm & lovely dream where I find comfort….