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Can you feel it?  In the evenings it's the cooler air....you can smell it too!  I don't know how....it's just a distinct clear, crisp autumn aroma!  Soon, we'll be out fighting the rapidly falling leaves with our weapon of choice.....a leaf rake!  We always complain...it's work, it's dirty, it's time consuming....but hey - it's fun too!  I love to cleanly rake the yard leaving behind the nice green grass....the lawn looks so nice & manicured.....for a day or 2.....then we're back at the battle again! 

I love decorating in the Fall...it's my favorite time of year. The deep, warm colors of autumn....rusts, mustards, olive greens, deep reds and browns....something about those colors just soothe my soul!  A time of harvest....a time of reaping....a time of thankfulness.  Time to turn off the A/C....raise the windows and let the cool fresh breeze replace that "canned air" we've enjoyed through the hot summer!  Shake out the blankets and throws....sit around the firepit and talk at night...oh, there's something so comforting to me about Fall. 

We've been busy building to fill the booths at The Depot....I suppose everyone's heard that we're not in Gold Hill any longer.  Beautiful little village....with so much potential, but too many individuals with personal goals & ambitions and none for the growth and development of the town....and as Forest Gump said..."and that's all I have to say about that"! At least you can find anything and everything you want at The Depot at Gibson Mill....your one stop shopping for vintage, antique, funky junk and more....open 7 days a week all for your convenience!  You can always contact me through the blog!  

Happy Fall Y'ALL!